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Health Checks

Vehicle Health Checks.

Comprehensive safety checks carried out for your complete peace of mind. We check  tyres, lights, fluid levels, tread depths and pressures, battery condition. Then a visual inspection of brakes exhaust and suspension.  We can even email our health check to you and we can take photographs of defects so you can see.


Seasonal checks we offer to get you ready for the new Seasons Motoring.

Winter Health checks – Get those tyres, batteries , wipers and antifreeze checked before the cold bites.

Summer Health Checks – Air Con, Tyres, fluid levels and check brakes and suspension after the harsh winters motoring.

Winter Health Check

Winter health checks

A Health check is a great start to identify a potential problem with your car early.  Even better would be to take advantage of a on of our comprehensive service schedules.  We service all makes and models and cater to every budget.  From new cars within manufacturers warranty to the slightly older vehicle or perhaps a second less loved car.

Our most popular services include Bronze , Silver and Gold offering an interim annual service for low usage or low mileage cars through to a major comprehensive service.  With all of our Silver and Gold services we offer free roadside assistance.  Yes that’s right FREE. There are some basic qualifying criteria such as no vans or commercial vehicles and the the car must be less than 10 years old.  Ask for full terms and conditions.

Car Servicing

Free Roadside Assistance with Bosch Silver and Bronze Service