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When an electronic fault occurs in a system, a warning light is usually displayed on the dashboard. The examples shown are very common but any unusual light on the dashboard should be checked immediately. They are often referred to as Diagnostic Trouble Codes DTC’s or Scan codes.

The most common system failures that we encounter are:

Example of engine management lightEngine Management Light, if this illuminates with the engine running, it indicates a malfunction with the engine management system. Have this checked as soon as possible.

Emmisions Control Light, on many cars this is the engine management light. On other cars it may be a glow plug or service light illumindated.  Either way an orange or red light on the dash board should be investigated.

Example of ABS LightABS warning light, when the ignition is switched on, this light illuminates briefly and then should go out.  This is normal and part of the self test process.  If the light remains on this indicates a fault and that it should be checked as soon as possible. Normal braking (without ABS) will be maintained but the special ABS function will not work. Other regular faults on advanced abs systems include: ESP or ASP or Traction control lights.

Example of Air Bag LightAirbag light, this will illuminate when a fault is detected in the airbag or supplemental restraint systems (SRS). Have this checked as soon as possible. The airbag or SRS in question is disabled whilst faulty, and will not deploy in the event of an accident.

As part of our diagnostic checks we are able to electronically interrogate your vehicles engine management system to identify the fault code and the probable cause. Our trained technicians can then accurately determine the specific cause of the fault.

Once the faulty part or operation has been identified we will provide and estimate for replacement or repair as required which will of course include the resetting of the appropriate warning light.

Diagnostic charges:

Scan code read only £30.00
Diagnostic Labour £47.50 / hour