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There are 3 main reasons to regularly check wheel alignment or steering geometry on a car:

1. Tyres – are more expensive than ever before and wheel diameters are larger, making them more sensitive to misalignment.
2. Road conditions are poor – potholes account for 1 in 10 mechanical failures.
3. Suspensions – are more complex. As vehicles age, wear in the components and bushes can cause misalignment which requires correcting.

We offer a comprehensive wheel alignment service for all makes of car from simple tracking checks to full four wheel alignment.  If your car is pulling to one side or you are experiencing excessive wear on the edges of your tyres its probably time to have the tracking checked.

The check itself takes only fifteen to twenty minutes and can usually be done while you wait.  Adjustment starts from just £25.00 for standard tracking or “Toe ‘and’ Go.”  This is our most popular request and we measure and set up the front wheel alignment for correct ‘Toe’ and align the front wheels to the rear to ensure your steering wheel is straight.

Rear wheel alignment is also offered and price is dependent upon the vehicle and how straightforward the setup is on the particular vehicle concerned.  typically £50.00 to £75.00 would be a good guide price.  This is increasingly important on modern cars which have adjustable rear Toe on independent rear suspension.  It is also often essential to ensure correct tyre wear after fitting certain rear suspension parts.

Prices for 4 wheel alignment and camber caster adjustment are available on request, it may be beneficial to see the vehicle and establish the condition of suspension and the adjustable parts before hand so we can ensure the estimate is as realistic as possible.

When we track your car we also road test it and will repeat the process if we are not 100% happy with the result.

We would recommend checking the tracking annually or after any suspension or steering repairs.  If you have hit a pot hole or speed bump hard we would advise re-inspection sooner.  Correct wheel alignment will preserve tyre life and improve road handling dramatically.

Tracking is available Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings so just pop in or give us a call to take advantage of this vital service:

  • 4 wheel alignment
  • Camber and Caster checks
  • Steering wheel angle sensor calibration (BMW, Audi Group, Mercedes )
  • With every wheel alignment undertaken at Cavendish we offer free suspension, tyre and brake checks routinely.