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Car Battery In Cold Weather?

Why does a Car Battery Fail in Cold Weather?

Extremely cold weather can directly effect the chemicals within your car battery.  This can explain why your car may struggle to start on a cold frosty winter morning.  Short local journeys often don’t allow enough time to recharge the battery completely.  This is particularly true in the winter months when drivers are using heated rear windows,  heater fans,  lights and wipers in the poorer weather.    Modern batteries have improved tremendously but so has the demand on them, You may also notice if your vehicle has stop start technology that this does not operate at low temperatures which is quite normal to place a lower demand on the battery. When your car is parked up for a few days such as during the Christmas holidays failure risk may be increased and the RAC and AA often see and increase in non starting problems over this period.

For this reason we advise you to have your battery and alternator checked before the severe weather sets in.  The test is free to our regular customers and we also offer a more comprehensive full winter safety check at Cavendish to put your mind at ease.  The battery check will give a digital snapshot of the batteries health and alert our skilled technicians to potential failure before it lets you down.

For any further advice on Batteries or how to stay safe on the roads this winter give one of our team a call on 01670 523200 or pop in to arrange your Winter Health Check.



MOT – Changes to the MOT Test

MOT – Changes to the MOT Test

The MOT test changed earlier this year and will effect almost every car in the UK over 3 years old.  The good news is that any defects found during the test are now categorised as  DangerousMajor or Minor. The categories depend on the type of defect and how serious it is.  They have also changed the layout of the certificate too.

So its not just a simple pass or fail anymore and its caused some confusion across the country.  In simple terms the new categories “Dangerous” and “Major” are essentially failure items and require immediate repair to get an MOT Pass.  The new “Minor” category is considered an MOT Pass but should be repaired as soon as possible so can be considered like an advisory on the old MOT certificate.

Will my diesel car pass the new emissions test?  If your car is regulatory serviced and in good condition you probably have no need to worry but poorly maintained vehicles may find the new lower emissions standard hard to meet as the limits have been drastically reduced. Removal or tampering with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) or catalytic converter will now result in an automatic fail.

An Engine Management light or Air bag fault are now part of the test along with under inflated tyres, Brake fluid contamination and reverse lights

The good news is our job as MOT testers is still to keep you safe.  At Cavendish we want your car to pass its test first time so encourage our customers to keep up regular maintenance as prevention is always better than cure.

If you have any questions regarding the new test please just ask.

Chronicle review of EDT Treatment

We are delighted to announce that the Chronicle recently came to see all about the award winning EDT Engine Decontamination treatment that Cavendish offer:

Too see the review for yourself follow the link below:


Treatments start from just £149 including an oil and filter change.

Call or email now for further details.

Garage of the year 2013

Garage of the year competion 2013

Thanks to all our customers who have voted for Cavendish in this years Motor Codes National garage of the year competition.  We have just retained North East Garage of the Year for 2013 holding the title we achieved in 2012.

The team are delighted to recieve the independant confirmation of the great service we offer to our customers.  Thanks again for all our customers repeat business and all those votes you have made.  A big thankyou and congratualtions to the entire team.

Free MOT text reminder

Cavendish have launched there new mobile website and free MOT text reminder service. Never get caught out again simply tell us your mot expiry date and service date and we will send you free email or text reminders. Then when you next have your car serviced or MOT tested by us we will automatically update your reminders