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Car Battery In Cold Weather?

Why does a Car Battery Fail in Cold Weather?

Extremely cold weather can directly effect the chemicals within your car battery.  This can explain why your car may struggle to start on a cold frosty winter morning.  Short local journeys often don’t allow enough time to recharge the battery completely.  This is particularly true in the winter months when drivers are using heated rear windows,  heater fans,  lights and wipers in the poorer weather.    Modern batteries have improved tremendously but so has the demand on them, You may also notice if your vehicle has stop start technology that this does not operate at low temperatures which is quite normal to place a lower demand on the battery. When your car is parked up for a few days such as during the Christmas holidays failure risk may be increased and the RAC and AA often see and increase in non starting problems over this period.

For this reason we advise you to have your battery and alternator checked before the severe weather sets in.  The test is free to our regular customers and we also offer a more comprehensive full winter safety check at Cavendish to put your mind at ease.  The battery check will give a digital snapshot of the batteries health and alert our skilled technicians to potential failure before it lets you down.

For any further advice on Batteries or how to stay safe on the roads this winter give one of our team a call on 01670 523200 or pop in to arrange your Winter Health Check.