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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning


Same day service while you wait for an air con service today in Ashington.

Air con not as cold as it used to be give us a call for a re-gas now! We can often do a re-gas same day while you wait.

We like to think of ourselves as the local air con experts doing lots of work for other trade garages as well as our own retail customers.  We have been doing air con for many many years now and have built up a wealth of experience.

We give:

  • Free advice and performance checks
  • Basic re-gas from only £35.00 (up to 300 grams R134a refrigerant)  This is usually adequate for a biannual air con service or top up.
  • Full re-gas  £45.00 (up to 750 grams R134a refrigerant) This is enough for most large family cars from Nearly Empty.
  • Pollen filters fitted from £29.99
  • Cabin deodorizers only £15.00 with an air con service
  • Sanitization of bad smells in air con system such as mouldy smells from £25.00.
  • Same day service available
  • Full leak testing and diagnostic service available from £65.00

Basically if you want advice, servicing or repair on car air conditioning in Ashington we can help!

Even if you have had a crash or been told your car has a leak we can help.  We are able to carry out Nitrogen pressure testing from as little as £65.00 to find the leak and provide you with an estimate for repair.  We can replace, condensers, evaporators, expansion valves, pipes, compressors, compressor clutches , pressure switches and wiring faults so why not give us a call now.



Climate control diagnosis and repair

Air Conditioning by Cavendish Motors


Benefits of Air Con

As well as keeping you cool and comfortable during hot weather your cars air con helps improve visibility by aiding de-misting of windows in damp weather. Dust and pollen are also largely removed helping with prevention of allergic reactions. Make sure your garage changes your pollen filter regularly during servicing to help this further.

Air Con Service every 2 years – From £35.00
Did you know Air Conditioning systems become less efficient each year? Air Conditioning systems can lose up to 15% of refrigerant every year resulting in a less powerful and less efficient systems. Most manufacturers now recommend servicing and recharging your system at least every 2 years. This is our most common request with car air conditioning systems.

The benefits of the service usually include:

  • Improved performance – colder air when required and improved demisting
  • Better fuel economy – the system works more efficiently with correct amount of gas
  • Protection of air con system – helping to prevent future failure
  • Identifying minor faults before they become serious and costly

In simple terms during a routine air con service or re-gas we would remove the old refrigerant and refill it with the correct quantity usually returning your system to optimum efficiency.

During the re-gas process the system is put under a vacuum to remove traces of moisture from the system. The ability of the system to maintain this vacuum is checked as a quick test for possible leaks. Once this test is passed the air con system is then refilled with the correct quantity of clean dry refrigerant with fresh oil and the performance of the system tested.

We would also recommend that you regularly use an anti fungal treatment. This kills the bacteria which cause mould in the air conditioning system but also helps to remove tobacco smells, animal smells and provide a pleasant smell in the cabin area. We stock these treatments and can offer this with or without an air con service without appointment.

Help my cars air con has stopped working!
Firstly there’s no need to panic this is our second most common request. Often it is a very simple fault and in many cases may be cured with a simple service or re-gas. There are many possible causes for the system to stop working including too little gas, a sensor or compressor fault, or a damaged part or leak on the system. It may even be an electronic fault on the comfort and convenience systems within the car. Whatever the problem we can help. Based on your description of the cars symptoms we would recommend either a service or diagnostics which may be electronic or nitrogen pressure testing as a starting point. From this we would aim to offer you a realistic written estimate for the repair.

Nitrogen Pressure testing – From £65.00
If we believe there is a leak on the air con system we are legally not allowed to refill it with refrigerant. In some cases it is obvious a pipe is broken but often we need to conduct a nitrogen pressure test we are able to simulate the pressures that occur when the air conditioning system is running, this helps us to identify any potential leaks and then provide you with a quotation for any necessary repairs. We include a free re-gas to customers who have nitrogen pressure testing carried out by ourselves if they subsequently choose Cavendish to fix their air con system following our diagnostics and estimate.